Euclidean geometry
by scott from jail

Funny how the sadness of it always reigns
a disappointment too tangential to not be part of circle, sphere, radian
yet parallel to what? A rain in Paris,
glittering grey and green beneath the pedestrian bridge, lovers
Forgetting that in their arms and breath

Lives momentary finding, peace, askew but for a moment
Then laid waste before an avalanch of time
Not tilting much as if Euclidean, profound
And proof of all which is
Lay there reflected in the shadowy rain

Falling in the river? I saw it then, beside the cold hot kiss
of something passing like a train at night
Invisible in your arms, a rumbling, monstrous Now!
Unleashed and predatory of all future happiness
Never to return,

No, Never
And with it closed, like craggy rock can close upon a skeleton
And then leave happiness behind
An afterthought,
a drizzled rain...

Copyright © 2013 - scott from jail
Published: 10/3/13   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem