Let our Cities burn together
by Michael Brett

Don't try to save the cathedral.

Is it not right that the mother church should burn with her city?
And should share the suffering of the city?
And should not the art galleries and the museums burn
As the houses burn?

If people weep, should not the bronze eyes weep also?
If real people burn should not the canvas ones?
Should the kings and queens on horseback show jump
Over the burning shops and homes?
Should painted faces live when living ones are burned?

Should not my city burn with your city?
Is it not right that our cities should burn together?
As if holding hands, as if then brothers and sisters in flames.

And as they burn together, should not then all the paintings,
Brass eagles and marble generals on marble horses
Then come gather round and watch
The burning people all together in their burning cities?

-To see if marble weeps.

Copyright © 2013 - Michael Brett
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