Charlie Location
by Subhash Misra

In the room
Flowers bolted to the ceiling
Like detained stars
The alleys meander
Like liberated streams
Searching streets
Roads that'd go somewhere
Subdued fear flowing
Between galvanised steel
And sentinel sand
The world arrived here
To unfetter and settled
To build swords from words
Strategies in wine glasses
To pull pages from
The historical spaces
Inking answers
For the unasked questions
Time stand stills
In these containers
That could have been sailing
If they did not home
Experts with hearts
And educated fingers
There was a time
This too was a city
At the door of narration
Now it has been
From any such anxiety

Copyright © 2011 - Subhash Misra
Published: 11/10/11   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem