Blair and Bush and Big John Howard
by The Peak Oil Poet

Blair and Bush and Big John Howard
Sophist, crook and little coward
Sick in mind and word and deed
slaves of fear and fame and greed

Kings they are in their own sight
but kings who never lead a fight
all they know is how to lie
and how to let poor people die

many thousands have they killed
and many coffers have they filled
these men of rank these men of means
these men who've killed so many dreams

they led us to Iraq and war
with lies they led us, lies and more
they sanctioned children to their death
they curry hate with every breath

and soon, who knows, Iran maybe
through secret friends the Israeli
or open warfare waged with nukes
and covered up by lying spooks

and all to keep the dollar strong
and oil flowing right or wrong
the fiat dollar doomed to hell
and oil doomed to peak as well

and housing bubbles due to burst
but that's not all and not the worst
the population's doomed to fall
and climate change will kill us all

and in the midst of all this shit
our lying leaders do their bit
at home they laugh and joke and play
their victims, many, die each day

but do they care? no not one bit
these scumbag leaders full of shit
these men who kill and just with words
these men are cunts these men are turds

Blair and Bush and Big John Howard
Sophist, crook and little coward
killers, theives, and fucking liars
it's time they wore Soweto tyres

Copyright © 2006 - The Peak Oil Poet
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