Why and then something not
by scott from jail

When I sit here, contemplating stones fitted into blocks
Of concrete fitted into walls supporting buildings of
Iron gates, plastic windows, linoleum floors, armed
Guards, strip searches, cavity checks attempted,

And think Freedom For Gaza and the
DARING of it all
Running this sick blockade
Of Christ's forgiveness by six million
Lost and hopeless Israelis

Yearning to be like me,
Free in this cell but Hope-less
To the core.
Not a single Jew to stick out the embarrassment

Of rags, orange jumpsuits, prayers before white
Painted concrete blocks

To run the blockade
For Christ
For Christ and a thousand million angels and earthlings
Screaming all
Why? And then something
Not Why
But Yes

Copyright © 2010 - scott from jail
Published: 12/9/10   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem