by scott from jail

You'd have thought that the way she got her money
Was alright enough, $400,000, to cover bills
Hush money to the family for the right to seize
Husband, son, father
And be done with it
Quietly, no muss, no fuss

But when I saw the new bedset
Fresh from way more than Wal-Mart
A lacquer finish to beat the band
Thick and rich and even almost juicy
Turning the big-boned pine beneath
To the spitting image of mahagony
Spread up there in the bedroom like
An Italian Renaissance altar to herself
The Bereaved-ess

Well, I gots to thinking
Particularly on the sight of the new boyfriend
And all the nice landscaping out back...

War these days, and the dead of it,
And the sadness of it
Like a fancy bed
Bought with cash upfront.

Copyright © 2010 - scott from jail
Published: 8/19/10   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem