Hawks and Doves / For the Birds
by Nathaniel McCoy

I am not anti-war
But I'm not really for it either
It is a necessary evil
The world's growing pains
War won't go away
It is the most lucrative business
Ever devised
Peace is not in our most basic instincts
We are animals refined
I am a cynic in uniform
They say "Let loose the dogs of War!"
Were they ever restrained in the first place? I ask
Mankind sheds blood for every reason
Under the sun
Whoever said baseball was America's pastime
Never watched CNN
We will never give up War
The thrill of victory is too addictive
The spoils of War too vast
We are trapped in this cycle
A snake eating it's own tail
A bitter-sweet motion
Satisfying our hunger
By sacrificing ourselves
Goodnight, sweet dreams, may your sleep be peaceful for once

Copyright © 2009 - Nathaniel McCoy
Published: 7/23/09   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem