by Robert L. Hinshaw

Around this war-scarred earth, American heroes lie asleep,
Attesting that the cost of freedom does not come cheap.
Etched upon simple marble stones for all eternity,
Are the names of those who belong to a special fraternity.

Tho' they came from diverse backgrounds, they bonded as one,
And formed a band of brothers to see the battle won.
Of all races, cultures and divergent religious creeds,
The set aside such differences to fulfill their nation's needs.

They cared not that in the heat of battle a Hebrew was at their side,
Or that a Catholic or a Muslim held their hands as they died.
Men, real men, forsook their prejudices and truly understood,
That love transcends all else to create true brotherhood.

Afro-Americans and Caucasians lie side by side in sacred graves;
Those of Asian and Mexican extraction rest beneath the waves.
They gave their all upon the Altar of Honor defending liberty,
Ensuring that this land would remain free to foster diversity.

Upon each stone a warrior's life is briefly sketched;
Alas, space does not permit his aspirations to be etched.
If room allowed, no doubt his epitaph would probably be:
"No more war! Follow the 'Golden Rule' is my plea!"

Copyright © 2006 - Robert L. Hinshaw
Published: 4/24/08   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem