They Also Serve
by Robert L. Hinshaw

Patriots are called upon to serve this nation in many ways;
Soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen - each deserving praise.
Yet, there's a group who seldom get the praise they deserve;
They are the spouses, kids and parents - for they also serve.

Tho' they don't wear a uniform or bear the battle's din,
Their love and faith e'er sustain their gallant next-of-kin.
'Til that special one returns, family life they must preserve,
For in this most vital quest - these heroes also serve.

They take seriously the kinship with their soldiers-in-arms,
Praying for their safe return and protection from all harms.
They are proud of the troops who our liberties preserve;
Families are a vital part of the team - for they also serve.

Tho' the separations are painful and doleful tears are shed,
They face with determination the challenges that lie ahead,
And from their pride and devotion they will never swerve;
These loyal, loving families - they who also serve.

Tho' warriors are honored with medals placed upon their breasts,
And promotions are bestowed as reward for righteous quests,
Alas, honors aren't conferred upon families who with steadfast nerve,
Remain at home to guard and guide - they who also serve.

Copyright © 2005 - Robert L. Hinshaw
Published: 3/6/08   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem