by Casey

Today an orange asked me to stop eating it.
But I could only taste it on wet buds until there was no more.
It was too late to reply.
It was delicious, and tomorrow I'll look for another to get fat on.

Human nature is, consuming to live.
Human greed is, consuming all while others die.
Human folly is, worth remembering to avoid recurrence.
Recurrence is, Human.

Today Iraqis screamed and begged us to stop killing them.
But we were too busy with eye candy broadcast in 1080p.
It was too late to reply.
Their blood doesn't stain the news, and tomorrow won't be an exception.

Fresh out of oranges, maybe the neighbor has some...

Copyright © 2008 - Casey
Published: 1/24/08   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem