Wake Up
by Timothy Dan Davis

Today I went to school, working hard to graduate;
     I'm nobody's fool.
The President said we must fight, he's the President;
     he must know what's right.
           wake up, wake up
           no need, no need

Today I went to work, just need to pay the bills;
     for family and thrills.
Our government says that 500 of theirs are dead, and only a few of ours;
     It's worth the price, and we'll be out soon.
           wake up, wake up
           no need, no need

Today I picked up my son from school, no worries for him;
     he's in 5th grade, everything is cool.
The generals say they need more troops to send in;
     just one more year and they're sure we can win.
           wake up, wake up
           no need, no need

Graduation day brought us tears, but my son couldn't wait;
     to go away on a trip before college is great.
Congress says our soldiers are dying too fast, we just need more troops;
     so the majority voted to reinstate the draft.
           wake up, wake up
           no need, no need

My wife and I got a visit today, from a man in dress green;
     said he was sorry, our son was just an unlucky Marine.
           wake up, wake up
           too late, too late

I now understand what I didn't want to know, the war will not end;
     unless the people say no.
           wake up, wake up
           it's not too late, not too late!

Copyright © 2007 - Timothy Dan Davis
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