Why I am "not" in Iraq
by JS Schilling

Oh yes, the war,
but first,
it is a little hot in here,
let me turn 'up the A/C.

Oh yes, the war,
you know,
I have to fill up the 'ol battle-wagon before we start,
we got a big
comming this weekend,
ha, ha!,
The 'fam is 'goin to treasure this one.

Oh yes, the war,
oh, but the kids,
they are SCREAMING right now,
pardon me, please,
we'll drive first, up
an order of a super-size will do 'em good.

Oh yes, the war,
hey wait,
the evening news is on:

"What 'da f'
'common with the news already,
Jesus Christ,
like I give a damn?
here we go, here we go:
come on lucky Power Ball!"


"Damn, I ain't 'won;
What a waste of a dollar!
I ain't never 'gonna win anything."

Oh yes,
the war you said?
...what war?!

Copyright © 2007 - JS Schilling
Published: 10/25/07   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem