ipod Apathy
by JS Schilling

Mr. Bush prayed to Christ,
on how to defeat Allah,
after his minions
trampled our ivory towers,
that were mere pillars of salt to begin with.

Now, in the purity of spirit
our dreams are a tad distilled
by the essence of ourselves.

For history demands our understanding,
for in the course of the war in Iraq,
we are plagued with common rumblings
from our kings and court jesters
who say:

"We must make the world safe for democracy!"

A heartfelt sentiment that had its coda
on the eleventh hour,
on the eleventh day,
in the eleventh month.

But now,
I fear my king is an idiot,
and me...
the apathetic pawn,
after all,
this is a volunteers' war,
hell man,
if they knew:
"A Muslim only wants a dictator,
needs a dictator!"
no American would be in Iraq,
other than to take their oil.
(Big Macs don't fuel themselves.)

"Why are we in Iraq?"


"No American really has to sacrifice."
(unless you want to,
I mean,
60 year olds in uniform?)


with my ipod on
and cell phone boosting,
I learn:

"Ration stampes < Paris Hilton.
I.E.D.'s < American Idol
dead American soldiers < Anna Nichole Smith's death."

Time for me to send a text message about the war
in response:

"Niggaz, what'z up?
c em bItcHz on myspace,
haterz 4 rEl!"

Why are we in Iraq?

"Because like President Bush,
'we' don't know not to be."

Copyright © 2007 - JS Schilling
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