dear MR president
by JS Schilling

dear MR president

My name is tim.
i am five years old.
how are you.
my daddy has no legs.
do you know why?
mommy says it is because of the war,
daddy says it is because he was a soldier in a place called
he told me that he was hurt because the little boys there
have no kites to fly.
i have a kite
they can have mine if it will bring back my daddys legs.
i want to be like my daddy, i luv him soooooo much!!!
will i go to war MR president
and loose my legs two so a boy can fly a kite.

big hugs and kisses xxoo

i have to go 'end do my homework 'now.

yur friend, Tim

Copyright © 2007 - JS Schilling
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