by Aaron W. Hillman

Standing in a line
to buy beans and carrots;
behind her a man
in a gray overcoat.
Behind them other shoppers
are holding sacks and
fondling babies.
One has a cellphone to her ear,
another is reading.
At his moment,
the man in the gray
overcoat presses a button.
A flash illuminates the store.
Bits of the man in the
gray overcoat and
bits of the people in line
scatter the store.
Where before had been
memories, hopes, life,
now is bits, pieces, and
blood everywhere.

At the back of the store
a mother holds her child.
The child is curious about
the noises and light.
The mother's horror gives
way to sorrow and tears
fall from her to the child.

Copyright © 2007 - Aaron W. Hillman
Published: 2/1/07   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem