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Week of 2/23/20
Hello again, said she   ·  scott from jail

Week of 4/11/19
Somewhere in the Middle East After One War Ended   ·  Shirani Rajapakse

Week of 11/28/15
Every Dead Baby is Baby Croatian   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 4/10/14
THE SIEGE   ·  Dhia abada

Week of 3/20/14
The Daily Meal   ·  Regina Kandraska
irritable lately   ·  scott from jail

Week of 2/6/14
the opposite of poetry   ·  scott from jail
ice   ·  scott from jail

Week of 1/23/14
Snapshots from a Train   ·  Michael Brett
You can only worry about what you can help
(after Uncle Sol by ee cummings)
  ·  Michael Brett

Week of 1/9/14
A perfect hit   ·  k.b.harris

Week of 11/28/13
counting blessings   ·  scott from jail

Week of 10/3/13
Geometry Lesson   ·  Michael Brett
Euclidean geometry   ·  scott from jail

Week of 9/12/13
war   ·  scott from jail
Someone Else's War?   ·  scott from jail
evening prayers   ·  scott from jail
morning comes to Armageddon   ·  scott from jail

Week of 8/22/13
Ghosts   ·  Michael Brett
Time Interview with a Bomb Detonator   ·  Michael Brett
Edvard Munch, The Scream   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 7/25/13
Let our Cities burn together   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 7/4/13
The Frontier Watchtowers
(after Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold)
  ·  Michael Brett

Week of 6/20/13
sonnet of becoming   ·  scott from jail
The beach   ·  scott from jail
growing up   ·  scott from jail
little things   ·  scott from jail
Miss You   ·  scott from jail

Week of 5/30/13
A War Hero's Story   ·  k.b.harris

Week of 5/16/13
Fear   ·  Michael Brett
Propaganda Leaflet   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 5/9/13
Iraq at night   ·  scott from jail

Week of 4/25/13
Boston Bombing   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 4/11/13
Iraq Homecoming   ·  scott from jail

Week of 4/4/13
War Intelligence   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 3/28/13
War and Butter   ·  k.b.harris

Week of 3/21/13
I don't know where you are   ·  scott from jail
Reverie   ·  scott from jail

Week of 3/7/13
Wartime Time   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 2/28/13
Afterwards   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 2/14/13
Questions From a Boy   ·  k.b.harris

Week of 2/7/13
Iraq was also there   ·  scott from jail

Week of 1/31/13
Often I Dream of the Bosnian Dead
(Information Centre of Bosnia-Herzegovina, London 1993)
  ·  Michael Brett
The Protesting Dead   ·  Michael Brett
The Raising of the Dead in Serbia   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 1/24/13
wondering how the world ends and then doing yard work   ·  scott from jail

Week of 1/10/13
Mad Old Witch: the War in the Former Yugoslavia   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 1/3/13
Sirens Call   ·  Rory Clark

Week of 12/27/12
The Emperor of Snow   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 12/13/12
Not alone   ·  scott from jail

Week of 12/6/12
Gin and Tonic War   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 11/29/12
College Now and Then   ·  Dr Hana Al-Bayyati

Week of 11/8/12
The Great Wall of China   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 11/1/12
The Expendable Soldier   ·  k.b.harris

Week of 10/25/12
What We Learned in Iraq   ·  Bert Clere

Week of 10/11/12
Lusitania Shoes   ·  Michael Brett
Missing over the Sea   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 9/13/12
The Lost Commander
(Viking Longship Burial in Ardnamurchan, Scotland)
  ·  Michael Brett

Week of 8/16/12
Bomb Explosion (2)   ·  Michael Brett
The Drowned Woman under London Bridge   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 8/2/12
Thoughts in a Time of Economic Crisis   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 7/26/12
now what?   ·  scott from jail

Week of 7/12/12
Stonehenge Artillery Range   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 6/28/12
Halabcha, The City of Dream   ·  Ahmed Amjed and Dr Hana Al-Bayyati

Week of 6/21/12
it is coming   ·  anonymous

Week of 6/14/12
My Crematorium Hair   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 5/31/12
It is not unexpected   ·  scott from jail

Week of 5/24/12
Born in Iraq   ·  Ali Salih Mohammad and Dr Hana Al-Bayyati

Week of 5/10/12
Bodiam Castle (on the eve of the Iraq War)   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 5/3/12
pardon me, i'm a poetry marine   ·  makeme refugee

Week of 4/19/12
smallish things   ·  scott from jail

Week of 4/12/12
Cerne Abbas Giant   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 4/5/12
Everyone I Knew Before 9/11 Thinks I'm Dead   ·  Mark Kraushaar

Week of 3/29/12
A Vision   ·  Jón Valur Jensson

Week of 3/22/12
Death at a Mother's Arm   ·  Habeeb Ibraheem
A Call from the Heart   ·  Habeeb Ibraheem

Week of 3/15/12
Causes and Effect   ·  Peter Branson

Week of 3/8/12
Syria   ·  scott from jail

Week of 3/1/12
The Flying Geese   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 2/23/12
We Regret to Inform   ·  Mark Kraushaar

Week of 2/16/12
Welcome to war's King Midas, its reverse alchemy   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 2/9/12
Ambition Has Two Scenes   ·  Dr Hana Al-Bayyati

Week of 2/2/12
titanic   ·  makeme refugee
stars on shakespeare's shoulders   ·  makeme refugee

Week of 1/26/12
Rich Fat Cats   ·  scott from jail

Week of 1/19/12
heaven   ·  scott from jail

Week of 1/12/12
The Return of the Civil War Soldiers   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 1/5/12
To My Dear Country   ·  Hiyam Abdul-Razzaq and Dr Hana Al-Bayyati

Week of 12/29/11
Jeremiah   ·  scott from jail

Week of 12/22/11
Angels   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 12/15/11
something blue   ·  scott from jail

Week of 12/8/11
Tamed to die   ·  Shahad Lua'y Muhammad and Dr Hana Al-Bayyati

Week of 12/1/11
Forgetting War   ·  Regina Kandraska

Week of 11/24/11
Sonnet   ·  scott from jail

Week of 11/17/11
Ivory Coast Pineapples   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 11/10/11
Charlie Location   ·  Subhash Misra

Week of 11/3/11
Children of Sad Baghdad   ·  Narmeen Nizar Iskander and Dr Hana Al-Bayyati

Week of 10/27/11
The Lord's Prayer   ·  The Peak Oil Poet

Week of 10/20/11
Sonnet   ·  scott from jail

Week of 10/13/11
War without End   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 10/6/11
Give Peace a Chance   ·  Maha Salim and Dr Hana Al-Bayyati

Week of 9/29/11
City had One Thousand and One Nights   ·  Subhash Misra

Week of 9/22/11
Blair and Bush and Big John Howard   ·  The Peak Oil Poet

Week of 9/15/11
crazy   ·  scott from jail

Week of 9/1/11
Revolution   ·  scott from jail

Week of 8/25/11
Sonnet   ·  scott from jail

Week of 8/18/11
Sonnet   ·  scott from jail

Week of 8/11/11
Summertime   ·  scott from jail

Week of 7/28/11
Sonnet   ·  scott from jail

Week of 7/14/11
sunset   ·  scott from jail

Week of 6/23/11
Arson   ·  scott from jail

Week of 6/16/11
Lebanon   ·  scott from jail

Week of 6/9/11
Great Americans   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 6/2/11
A Personal Sonnet Quartet   ·  scott from jail

Week of 5/26/11
Wootton Bassett   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 5/19/11
Begin! Begin!   ·  scott from jail
How does this go?   ·  scott from jail
Was this me?   ·  scott from jail

Week of 5/12/11
Ray   ·  Daniel Ponzo

Week of 5/5/11
A Cry Not Heeded   ·  Saju Abraham

Week of 4/28/11
For Wilfred Owen   ·  scott from jail
For John Hagee, Minister of God   ·  scott from jail

Week of 4/14/11
PLEBISCITE   ·  Mousumi Roy

Week of 4/7/11
Gadafi's sons   ·  scott from jail

Week of 3/31/11
Waiting the rain   ·  Aisha Razem

Week of 3/24/11
Machine Gun   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 3/17/11
Suicide #3214   ·  scott from jail

Week of 3/10/11
The Goddess of War   ·  Regina Kandraska

Week of 3/3/11
Silence Condones McEmpire's Drones   ·  Armadillo

Week of 2/24/11
Why Are We in Iraq?   ·  Elizabeth Padillo Olesen

Week of 2/17/11
Gone Again This Year   ·  k.a.morrow
Egypt With 600 Dead   ·  scott from jail

Week of 2/10/11
A Camouflage   ·  Saju Abraham

Week of 2/3/11
Two Sonnets   ·  scott from jail

Week of 1/27/11
Atomic Bombs   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 1/20/11
Money, and paying dues   ·  scott from jail

Week of 1/13/11
(Untitled)   ·  Elizabeth Murdock

Week of 1/6/11
Queen of Christmas   ·  scott from jail

Week of 12/23/10
Is Jesus Listening, and If So,   ·  scott from jail

Week of 12/9/10
Why and then something not   ·  scott from jail

Week of 12/2/10
Why Not?   ·  scott from jail

Week of 11/18/10
Used to care about the cross of Christ   ·  scott from jail

Week of 11/11/10
Hard to believe   ·  scott from jail

Week of 11/4/10
A Place Beyond The Tears   ·  Walt Cronin

Week of 10/28/10
Hope   ·  scott from jail

Week of 10/21/10
Time to go   ·  scott from jail

Week of 10/7/10
I was just here   ·  scott from jail

Week of 9/30/10
Me 109   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 9/23/10
Kicking a Mortar Bomb   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 9/16/10
I want to sail, to someday draw a close   ·  scott from jail

Week of 9/9/10
Return Trip   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 9/2/10
How's about YOU?   ·  scott from jail

Week of 8/26/10
My Sleeping Bag   ·  Michael Brett
Cadets   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 8/19/10
$400,000   ·  scott from jail

Week of 8/12/10
War in a Modern World   ·  Charles Lee Coates

Week of 8/5/10
Blood VS Oil   ·  Dhia abada

Week of 7/22/10
Feeding the War Gods in this Age of Miracles   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 7/15/10
secret top   ·  scott from jail

Week of 7/8/10
Nazi Porn Stars on the Moon   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 7/1/10
The Statue of Liberty is a Fire Fighter   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 6/24/10
Tears of War   ·  Melissa Rachel
P.O.W.S.   ·  Melissa Rachel

Week of 6/17/10
You Can Steal From The Dead   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 6/10/10
GOATS   ·  Ian Cameron

Week of 6/3/10
Barbed Wire   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 5/27/10
Wires on the roads   ·  Dhia abada

Week of 5/20/10
Oblivion   ·  Melissa Rachel
Remains of a World Gone Mad   ·  Melissa Rachel

Week of 5/13/10
Extreme Violence   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 5/6/10
Rivers   ·  Mickey Clayton

Week of 4/29/10
Someone Who Dies Young   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 4/22/10
The Entry of Osama Bin Laden into Paradise   ·  Max Speed

Week of 4/15/10
That Last Great War   ·  citizenbfk

Week of 4/8/10
Below monthly killed numbers for you   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 4/1/10
Resume   ·  Mickey Clayton

Week of 3/25/10
Theatre of War   ·  Michael Brett
The Sunken Cathedral, Dunwich, England   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 3/18/10
ΔΙΚΟΧΑ ,ΠΗΛΙΚΙΑ   ·  Giorgos Vlachos

Week of 3/11/10
The War to End All   ·  Ronald Wallace

Week of 3/4/10
Civil War   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 2/25/10
..... SO COME ON GODO ARE YOU LISTENING.....   ·  Ian Cameron

Week of 2/18/10
Ploughing   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 2/11/10
Little Book of War   ·  Richard Swanson

Week of 2/4/10
Mosques and Rockets   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 1/14/10
NEA ΥΟΡΚΗ ΑΘΗΝΑ ΠΕΚΙΝΟ   ·  Giorgos Vlachos

Week of 12/31/09
9/11 Poem from London   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 12/10/09
Suicide Bomber   ·  Michael Brett
Noah's Ark   ·  Michael Brett
Bomb Circuitry   ·  Michael Brett
People shouting in your face   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 12/3/09
3 Birds   ·  Brad Horton

Week of 11/12/09
Media Warfare: the Late Late Show   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 10/22/09
Refugees (1)   ·  Michael Brett
Refugees (2)   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 10/1/09
EIGHT ON SEPTEMBER EIGHT (2009)   ·  Regina Kandraska

Week of 9/17/09
Missing Person   ·  Michael Brett
Soldiers   ·  Michael Brett
The Surgeon Explosive   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 9/3/09
Iraq Oh Bomb-ah   ·  gnimbley the gnome

Week of 8/20/09
Bomb Attack   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 8/6/09
X   ·  Michael Brett

Week of 7/23/09
Hawks and Doves / For the Birds   ·  Nathaniel McCoy
Parasites   ·  Nathaniel McCoy

Week of 6/25/09
Grunts   ·  Nathaniel McCoy

Week of 6/11/09
Memorial Day 2009   ·  Brad Horton

Week of 5/28/09
The Perfumes of Arabia   ·  Brad Horton

Week of 5/14/09
A SOLDIER'S EPITAPH   ·  Regina Kandraska

Week of 4/30/09
Bad trip   ·  Brad Horton

Week of 4/2/09
The Forgotten War   ·  Vera Spitz

Week of 3/19/09
The Father of Lies   ·  Joseph J. Locascio

Week of 11/27/08
Why   ·  Regina Kandraska

Week of 10/23/08
forgotten   ·  gnimbley the gnome

Week of 10/9/08
BELLUM FRIGUM (COLD WAR)   ·  David N. Yancey

Week of 9/25/08
Reimaging America   ·  gnimbley the gnome

Week of 9/18/08
When the War is Over   ·  David N. Yancey

Week of 9/11/08
Assessing the Damage   ·  Diane Elayne Dees

Week of 9/4/08
Tiles on a Fence   ·  Heather Lee Rogers

Week of 8/28/08
Army Buddies   ·  Robert L. Hinshaw

Week of 8/21/08
Facts   ·  Rudolph Tenenbaum

Week of 8/14/08
Four Thousand and Counting   ·  R. Zahniser
Legacy   ·  R. Zahniser

Week of 7/31/08
The Blind Mice and the Big Cheese   ·  Daniel Damiano

Week of 7/17/08
They Died So Young   ·  Robert L. Hinshaw
We Commit Him To Thy Care   ·  Robert L. Hinshaw

Week of 7/3/08
The World Peace Treaty   ·  Rudolph Tenenbaum

Week of 6/19/08
The Difference Between Lie and Lay   ·  Ronald Wallace

Week of 6/5/08
Simple Marble Stones   ·  Robert L. Hinshaw
When I Hear the Sound of "Taps"   ·  Robert L. Hinshaw

Week of 5/15/08
The Aggressor   ·  Rudolph Tenenbaum

Week of 5/1/08
Calvary   ·  Regina Kandraska

Week of 4/24/08
Diversity   ·  Robert L. Hinshaw
Final Flight   ·  Robert L. Hinshaw

Week of 4/17/08
A crime   ·  Rudolph Tenenbaum

Week of 4/10/08
The Hero   ·  Lacey R Hunt

Week of 4/3/08
Little Boys Were Sent to Fight   ·  Yvette Analla

Week of 3/27/08
Hallowed Beaches   ·  Robert L. Hinshaw
A Soldiers Premonition   ·  Robert L. Hinshaw

Week of 3/20/08
President Torture   ·  R. Zahniser
The Real War   ·  R. Zahniser

Week of 3/13/08
Medallion   ·  Regina Kandraska
She Sits Seeing Nothing   ·  Dennis Leischner
Death in battle   ·  Rudolph Tenenbaum

Week of 3/6/08
Another Soldier Died Today   ·  Robert L. Hinshaw
Restless Sentry   ·  Robert L. Hinshaw
They Also Serve   ·  Robert L. Hinshaw

Week of 2/28/08
Ryan   ·  JS Schilling

Week of 2/21/08
Was it for This?   ·  paradoctor
Kindred   ·  JS Schilling

Week of 2/14/08
Thank You For My Freedom   ·  samson1196
Here Am I, Send Me!   ·  Robert L. Hinshaw

Week of 2/7/08
Pity   ·  JS Schilling

Week of 1/31/08
A Call to Sanity   ·  Padraig Nolan
gates   ·  boy_r_d

Week of 1/24/08
Shrugs   ·  Casey
Achillies   ·  JS Schilling
Praying For Accuracy   ·  DarkAngelOne

Week of 1/17/08
The Futility of War   ·  Robert L. Hinshaw
The Window   ·  Robert L. Hinshaw
Recall If You Can   ·  Robert L. Hinshaw

Week of 1/10/08
Hijacked   ·  Charlie Weeden
Price Tag of Iraq War   ·  Sheryl Winters

Week of 1/3/08
The Wizard of Us   ·  JS Schilling

Week of 12/27/07
How Baghdad Falls   ·  Tucker Kennedy Lieberman

Week of 12/20/07
Lady Liberty Cries - A Veteran's Day Poem   ·  Kristin Lee

Week of 12/13/07
Secondary Protocol   ·  DarkAngelOne

Week of 12/6/07
The Question of Iraq   ·  JS Schilling
We wanted it   ·  JS Schilling
We are Americans (Jihad)   ·  JS Schilling

Week of 11/29/07
American Thieves   ·  JS Schilling
Wake Up   ·  Timothy Dan Davis

Week of 11/22/07
BAGDATELL   ·  Yermun

Week of 11/15/07
A CALL FOR HELP   ·  R. Zahniser
Parachuting Bush into Baghdad   ·  R. Zahniser

Week of 11/8/07
Don't cry for us America   ·  JS Schilling

Week of 11/1/07
The Donor   ·  Judith Curtis
Iraq War Simile   ·  agape
Religions and Politics   ·  Vera Spitz

Week of 10/25/07
9-11 Still Standing   ·  JS Schilling
To Love War   ·  JS Schilling
Why we "are" in Iraq   ·  JS Schilling
why, war, why?   ·  JS Schilling
Why I am "not" in Iraq   ·  JS Schilling

Week of 10/18/07
Baghdad Morning in New York   ·  Paul Batou

Week of 10/11/07
Identifying With The Enemy   ·  Davy Crockett Reincarnated

Week of 10/4/07
a small price   ·  Mark Robinett
What are we doing there?   ·  Mark Robinett

Week of 9/27/07
Into The Sand   ·  Melissa Rachel
Stitches of Time   ·  Melissa Rachel

Week of 9/20/07
You promised to return   ·  Vera Spitz
Before the gravestone   ·  Vera Spitz
Ranger   ·  Ron Cervero

Week of 9/13/07
One Day   ·  Geminga J. Mistry
Ageless Heresy   ·  Geminga J. Mistry

Week of 9/6/07
The Finers Points of War   ·  Diane Elayne Dees
Bush Speaks the Truth   ·  Diane Elayne Dees
Jericho to Baghdad   ·  Noble Collins

Week of 8/30/07
Cry   ·  Donna

Week of 8/23/07
When eating pasta, I see and think...   ·  JS Schilling
Help wanted: Needed: An Iron Fist   ·  JS Schilling

Week of 8/16/07
Graffito From a Colorado Crapper 1981   ·  docviper
When a Sniper Cries   ·  JS Schilling
The War Plans   ·  Regina Kandraska
America America   ·  hell on wheels
The Evening News   ·  Dalvan
A Simple Irony   ·  JS Schilling

Week of 8/9/07
My son is dead   ·  Glass
Viet Nam Jam and Related Sticky Stuff   ·  The Bard

Week of 8/2/07
soldier dreams   ·  Geminga J. Mistry
Gone to a War Zone   ·  Geminga J. Mistry

Week of 7/26/07
Why am I in Iraq?   ·  JS Schilling
Ode to Cindy Sheehan   ·  JS Schilling

Week of 7/19/07

Week of 7/12/07
Discipline   ·  Ronald K. Pearson
Redneck-in-Chief   ·  Bryon D. Howell

Week of 7/5/07
Why We Are In Iraq   ·  Shelby M. Forrest

Week of 6/28/07
Border Crosser   ·  Brad Horton

Week of 6/7/07
My Anthem   ·  Bryon D. Howell
Hold Still   ·  Cindy Comrack

Week of 5/31/07
President Peter   ·  JS Schilling

Week of 5/24/07
The Money Men   ·  Rebecca Lawton

Week of 5/17/07
A Poem For George   ·  Bryon D. Howell

Week of 5/10/07
We Came to Nam   ·  Richard Reith
Veterans Day   ·  Richard Reith

Week of 5/3/07
The Fly-Trap   ·  Bryon D. Howell
Flies   ·  Richard Spilman

Week of 4/26/07
Semper Fi   ·  Taylor Collier

Week of 4/19/07
The Ultimate of Comaraderie   ·  Shelby M. Forrest
Tale of a Soldier   ·  Evo

Week of 4/12/07
Days Go By   ·  Rachel Toles
Tragedy   ·  Rachel Toles

Week of 4/5/07
There's got to be (More in life than here)   ·  Raymond Glenn Muldrew
ipod Apathy   ·  JS Schilling
All American Pie   ·  BHolzner

Week of 3/29/07
Abu Ghraib   ·  Richard Swanson

Week of 3/22/07
Love Song of a GI In Iraq   ·  Ermanno Barone
HUMMINGBIRD OF UR   ·  Katherine Soniat
A Paradelle for Donald Rumsfeld   ·  Ronald Wallace

Week of 3/15/07
Fertile Crescent   ·  Mark Irwin
The Soldier's Promise   ·  Regina Kandraska

Week of 3/8/07
Wings of Brotherhood   ·  BHolzner

Week of 3/1/07
A Rainbow with Color   ·  Donald DeForge
Blood and Oil   ·  Gary Walton
Simony   ·  Gary Walton

Week of 2/22/07
MADMAN   ·  Perry Thompson
War Of Pretext   ·  Stanley Cooper
Crap-Out   ·  Stanley Cooper

Week of 2/15/07
Why do we Fight   ·  Frederick Van Kirk
Waves of White Crosses   ·  Darlene Georges
dear MR president   ·  JS Schilling

Week of 2/8/07
When the Dogwood Blooms and the Cardinal Sings   ·  Regina Kandraska

Week of 2/1/07
Sweet Goodnight-
postcript of a warrior
  ·  Frederick Van Kirk
Baghdad   ·  Aaron W. Hillman

Week of 1/25/07
AMERICA, 1966, 2006   ·  Perry Thompson
Baghdad Email   ·  Richard Swanson

Week of 1/18/07
Mission Creep   ·  G. Sierra Khan

Week of 1/4/07
WE LAY WAR   ·  Perry Thompson

Week of 12/28/06
In One Image of a Child   ·  Debra Jean Harmes Kurth

Week of 12/21/06
Blue Flame   ·  Stephen Haven

Week of 12/14/06
We Are Calling It Down (Dream Poem After September 11, 2001)   ·  Lea Grundy
Letter to Aidan:   ·  Lea Grundy
Springtime During the Occupation   ·  Lea Grundy

Week of 12/7/06
Iraq, A Moment   ·  David Grundy
Ali Al Salem   ·  David Grundy
November, Leaving Iraq   ·  David Grundy

Week of 11/30/06
GARDENERS   ·  Perry Thompson

Week of 11/22/06
Why?   ·  James England

Week of 11/9/06
KINGDOM OF HEAVEN?   ·  Pope Loudicruce

Week of 11/2/06
Even In Hell Our Shadows Would Be Eloquent   ·  Anne Caston
A Man, Returning, Will Not Be The Man Who Left   ·  Anne Caston

Week of 10/26/06
An American Death in Iraq   ·  Dr. Emory D. Jones

Week of 10/19/06
As Thyself   ·  Dillon McKinsey

Week of 10/12/06
Blood   ·  Larry Woods Zoeller

Week of 10/7/06
Lemme Tells Ya Bout The Freedom Bird   ·  Debra Jean Harmes Kurth

Week of 9/28/06
Dry places   ·  John Quinn

Week of 9/6/06
Two Fifties and a Tomato Cart   ·  Pope Loudicruce

Week of 8/28/06
Walking Death   ·  Argent Aisling

Week of 8/25/06
Why Are We in Iraq?   ·  gnimbley the gnome