Robert L. Hinshaw

About the Author
Robert L. Hinshaw was born on a farm near Millville, Indiana. Upon graduation from Hagerstown High School, in May 1948, he enlisted in the USAF. His career spanned 30 years and he retired in the grade of Chief Master Sergeant in 1978. Bob began writing poetry at the age of 72 and has written nearly 600 poems to date, many with military/patriotic themes but others with religion, western, humorous, nature, seasonal and just plain folks topics.

He has self-published 4 books: Autumn Reflections; Sunset Reflections; Fireside Reflections; and Musin's From Th' Front Porch. Bob has a degree from Los Angeles City College (Japan Branch) in the Administration of Justice. He is also a retired Bailiff for the State of Colorado. He and his wife reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

A Soldiers Premonition (3/27/08)
"My Dearest Mom and Dad," his poignant letter began;
"I need to write this letter to you now while I can.
Tonight I'm scheduled to go out on a perilous patrol,
In a few minutes I must report for the calling of the roll."
Another Soldier Died Today (3/6/08)
Frantic fans worry about who's going to win the superbowl;
  Pundits speculate about politicians prevailing at the poll;
Some people are overwrought about their hair turning gray;
  By the way, did you hear that another soldier died today?
Army Buddies (8/28/08)
Though this doesn't relate directly to the Iraq war, I think it expresses the love and grief that soldiers in any war feel for a fallen comrade.
It had been nigh sixty years since they chatted with each other.
     When they wore the uniform they were closer than any brother.
They'd borne the din of battle as members of a rifle squad;
     One returned to Normandy to visit the other who slept 'neath the sod.
Diversity (4/24/08)
Around this war-scarred earth, American heroes lie asleep,
Attesting that the cost of freedom does not come cheap.
Etched upon simple marble stones for all eternity,
Are the names of those who belong to a special fraternity.
Final Flight (4/24/08)
Family and friends gathered to pay homage to a hero today,
As a gallant airman was laid to rest 'neath hallowed clay.
He volunteered to defend freedom and his beloved nation;
He proudly wore the uniform feeling it his solemn obligation.
Hallowed Beaches (3/27/08)
A solitary tern soars lazily above the sunlit, pristine beach,
Wheeling on the ocean breezes, emitting its haunting screech.
The glistening sands that were once stained with heroes' blood,
Are now cleansed by the ebb and flow of decades of tidal flood.
Here Am I, Send Me! (2/14/08)
"Whom shall I send, who will go for us?", was His fervent plea;
Isaiah quickly responded, "Here am I, my Lord, send me!"
From the genesis of this great nation, patriots brave and bold,
Have said, "Here am I, send me!", as did that prophet of old!
Recall If You Can (1/17/08)
It seems that every day the media lionizes a celebrity's name;
     Their name seared upon our brain for some nefarious game.
Recall, tho', if you can a soldier's name who died for his nation,
     Protecting our precious freedoms, having served with dedication.
Restless Sentry (3/6/08)
The final notes of "Taps" echoed o'er the field of honored dead;
The rising moon's mellow glow upon the peaceful scene was spread.
Its rays grazed the worthy name that on each stone was graven;
'Neath the clay lay heroes asleep in their hallowed haven.
Simple Marble Stones (6/5/08)
Magnificent monuments have been erected for those of fame,
And o'er the graves of others flickers an eternal flame.
But America's greatest rest 'neath a simple marble stone;
They laid down their lives for mankind's follies to atone.
The Futility of War (1/17/08)
There'll be another empty cot on the camp ground tonight;
     Alas, a gallant soldier gave his all in the horrific fight.
His anguished pleas for peace were unheard o'er the battle's roar;
     Will humankind ever learn from the barbarous futility of war?
The Window (1/17/08)
She rocked Danny nigh the window in her rocking chair,
     Cuddled him closely and hummed an ancient Irish air.
As she gazed thro' the window at the vast horizons beyond,
     She pondered her prcious gift and the closeness of their bond.
They Also Serve (3/6/08)
Patriots are called upon to serve this nation in many ways;
Soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen - each deserving praise.
Yet, there's a group who seldom get the praise they deserve;
They are the spouses, kids and parents - for they also serve.
They Died So Young (7/17/08)
Old men steer world affairs and tend to dream and scheme,
   While young men carry out their follies, forefeiting life supreme.
Brave Americans have died on The Altar of Honor worldwide;
   They died so very young, alas, all too young they died.
We Commit Him To Thy Care (7/17/08)
Lord, we are gathered nigh this sacred, lonely grave,
To commit to You the soul of this Soldier true and brave.
We pray that You will clasp this hero to Your breast,
As he joins his comrades in well-deserved eternal rest.
When I Hear the Sound of "Taps" (6/5/08)
When I hear the plaintive sound of "Taps" on Memorial Day,
Or hear that clarion tune when a soldier is laid away,
I strive to remain stoical but I'm easily moved to tears,
As I recall the sacrifices of heroes throughout the years.