JS Schilling

About the Author
I am a retired policeman and a former US Marine. I consider myself a serious poet now. I live in Brooklyn, NY.

9-11 Still Standing (10/25/07)
The twin towers fell in New York City,
and the transit,
everyday people died.
A Simple Irony (8/16/07)
They worship a god,
We worship the dollar.
Achillies (1/24/08)
Why is my country at war?
American Thieves (11/29/07)
Born from the earth we all so feel
said, "...nothing really here to steal."
dear MR president (2/15/07)
I wrote in the voice of a child to give the poem a very powerful impact.
my daddy has no legs.
do you know why?
Don't cry for us America (11/8/07)
We are grateful to the man
who made this possible.
Help wanted: Needed: An Iron Fist (8/23/07)
I care about Iraq
and twice,
I am a fool for "writing whinning poetry" about same.
ipod Apathy (4/5/07)
A comment on American culture.
Now, in the purity of spirit
our dreams are a tad distilled
by the essence of ourselves.
Kindred (2/21/08)
I hate this war-
I got no legs now
lost them somewhere
Ode to Cindy Sheehan (7/26/07)
As I pen to pen,
I applaud any American
who voices their voice.
Pity (2/7/08)
Many men have died
in wars of yesteryear,
to proclaim:

"Democracy in 'our' time!"
President Peter (5/31/07)
Written after the PBS documentary: America at the Crossroads. (Tinker Bell is Presidental Advisor: Pearle.)
as the bullets fly,
and the bombs go off,
as people die,
President Pan is still listening to Tinker Bell,
Ryan (2/28/08)
yes today
a queen was killed,
The Question of Iraq (12/6/07)
I played chess as a child
and in this I learned,
a soldier is a pawn,
no disrespect in that,
just is is all.
The Wizard of Us (1/3/08)
I have a love,
she is sweet,
made me sing,
"know what I mean?"
To Love War (10/25/07)
This thing we must do
Like swatting an annoying mosquito
We must dispatch in order to survive.
We are Americans (Jihad) (12/6/07)
it was good then,
after the old wars.
but today,
We wanted it (12/6/07)
We wanted it,
the W.M.D.'s?
we needed them,
it was payback time
for 9/11!
When a Sniper Cries (8/16/07)
Pure and sweet...
When eating pasta, I see and think... (8/23/07)
I look across the alleyway,
the boys still play games as old men dictate,
why we should, "stay the course."
Why am I in Iraq? (7/26/07)
I don't have a crystal stair case,
I have tac's on my floors
Why I am "not" in Iraq (10/25/07)
Oh yes,
the war you said?
...what war?!
Why we "are" in Iraq (10/25/07)
Iraq is just a place to lay my teeth,
like wars past,
all the medals of valor
mean but one thing:
why, war, why? (10/25/07)
This expression,
I know all too well.