Anne Caston

About the Author
Anne Caston's first collection of poems, Flying Out With The Wounded, was awarded the 1996 New York University Press Prize for Poetry. She has just finished a second collection of poetry, Judah's Lion, and is working now on a collection of essays about growing up in the South, Deep Dixie. Anne teaches in the MFA Program in Writing at the University of Alaska Anchorage where she currently serves as the Graduate Studies Program Director.

A Man, Returning, Will Not Be The Man Who Left (11/2/06)
A world view: for months and months before he left
for war, he'd spoken of it as if to be without one
was to be godless. And then the planes. Four.
Even In Hell Our Shadows Would Be Eloquent (11/2/06)
And now the darkness that makes visible
the stars bares its claws at her.