Hello again, said she
by scott from jail

I've been wondering here, ...

Somewhere in the fog of wars, of half-truths, and of no truths,
Of sometimes truth, of nonchalance, of giving up ...

About that imperceptible breach of hair
Strand by strand
As the rain clumps it,
A friendly smile beneath
The hungry urge to kiss, there, in the rain, while youth avalanches time in a cold blue light
Beneath the bridge

Your smile imperceptible too, your breath hanging in the wind,
Or better still, the small sigh of wet weather, mist, moisture drifting, questioning

Was it true the way we said good-bye?

Or does this wet mist that I still sense breaching the Seine
Baring the naked night forever ...

dare I hope and call for far too long

Hello, again, said she

Copyright © 2020 - scott from jail
Published: 2/23/20   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem