Iraq at night
by scott from jail

Suddenly, as if the rain stopped, leaving behind dew, a wet, light kidding the sun
gleaming as if everything stopped, but the crystal and the light reflected,
and then stopped more, like a silence caught, bounded, measured in hand
captured even like a breath, like the still small beating of a life not yet

drenched possibility crawling fate-to-fate, meandering by the hill,
a cool dress blowing in the wind, perhaps in Scotland
maybe then I heard her name, calling to me like a whisping rill,
a tingling rhyme,

But then you, waiting for me, beside so much not now, later, even never
universes away, as never is a far away land, never, never, never, never
and then, as if it all stopped, the waiting universes, one by one, a million stars

I am not that man anymore, waiting for starlight.
No I am me. I am now.

Copyright © 2013 - scott from jail
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