I don't know where you are
by scott from jail

There, like a small something dark perhaps, like shadow
like a floating something in the air or wind
fragrance of some forgotten thing, a scent of oil from a place no longer permitted
a church perhaps or an incense of some thoughtless moment
bordering sacredness by a fringy sort of light perhaps, of something

waiving at me with wide hands framing beauty, smiling girls of freedom
not the aging that they live on into
but the slim, trance-like dance of eternity
they are party to, that place, that aroma of a young day
parting the night in golden shots of light heavenward

and I, to this day, contrived it seems between two bricks
time and no time, trudging slightly
and without reason, pause, upon a vow of silence
like a monk, taken with the wind coming over a cliff
bearing the sea

and so, ending the day, leaving it a bit here, there
something, somewhere ended quietly
you are there too, next to the moon
as I frame you next to her, next to the shimmering night
we will wait there some more.

Copyright © 2013 - scott from jail
Published: 3/21/13   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem