Sirens Call
by Rory Clark

Imagine, if you will,
A world that lies still
No more fighting, an end to death
Integrity integrated in every breath

Don't speak nonsense, I hear you say
But that is how they decried the day
when enslaved souls became free men
and bigotry fled from the open

And yet like dry blood it rots!
Hatred in the people, locked;
If not belief, or land as a cause,
How then will Money continue her wars?

To be free is to think
to obey is to sink
Those who sit on Oval Desks
ignore those with bullets in their necks
Planning and inventing wars
In the manner of settling scores
but there is no beauty in what I see
The rich stay rich, the poor stay poor
But this is not what the people vote

And this is why I dare to dream
A world in democracy, not just in name
An end to mankind's greatest shame
That one day the world may wake

Copyright © 2013 - Rory Clark
Published: 1/3/13   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem