College Now and Then
by Dr Hana Al-Bayyati

Four years had passed
As swift as light.
Four candles, white
In the temple of Night
Nothing was wrong
Everything was right
Spring was as pure as light.
Fields of hope, watered.
Flowers of virtue, bloomed.
In the academic life.
There was no strife
Pure rivalry was there.
To build and to share.
Why should we let
Hatred and fight
And Glittering light
Fade out at night,
And gate Of love shut
O, pearls of future
Little things would be dearer
When the end of college,
Coming nearer
Our departure would damage
Our joy
When the train of departure,
Waving goodbye
To our lovely days at college
A close friend would be a stranger.
O, train of time do not pass!
Let our longing touch
Every book,
Every desk,
Every piece of chalk
These little things
Our only consolation,
When we are gone
To the realm, unknown.
We will throw
Arestotle and Plato
Some of us run,
Or left alone,
Or might be done.
Some of us clime up a mountain,
Or dig deep down
Looking for gold,
Or diamond.
To be proud
To wear,
And to share
With the other
In this world,
Some of us look,
Not for a book,
But for a chair,
Not to take care
Of the other,
But to be a dictator,
To give the order.
Our conscience
Should be virtuous.
Our soul should be pure.
Hard work to endure.
The tree
Of our poetry
Should be free
To build our country,
To live in peace full of gold
And silver
Our world is small
Like a village
Advising us not to damage
Ourselves in or outside college
Guests, colleagues,
And Pearls of future
All of you, most welcome
In this realm
Of wisdom.
Hand by hand
To live in freedom.
In order, not at random

Copyright © 2012 - Dr Hana Al-Bayyati
Published: 11/29/12   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem