The Expendable Soldier
by k.b.harris

Have you ever wondered how it feels like,
To look over the barrel...
Into the eyes of another?

Do you think he becomes a cardboard target?
A mere statistic?
Just like they told me?

The politicians and the profiteers,
The Tony lads and Georgie boys.
Oblivious, to the human suffering in their wake.

Their wars; fought by proxy, by us soldiers,
Drawn from the ranks of the expendables
Their cowardice, greed and war mongering...

When I return,
no true kisses will be waiting there for me.
And my horrors will be present,
From fighting someone else's war.

Copyright © 2011 - k.b.harris
Published: 11/1/12   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem