It is not unexpected
by scott from jail

I hear he was a stockbroker, maybe
Tossed and turned upon the sea of Recently
as if the whole world could stand still
Whilst money poured down the drains
emptying into who knows where?

and so he took up arms -
so they say -
whilst the bill collectors and hunters of frauds
Fished him and his future
Into a net for small things
Whilst the big ones, fish, laughingly get away
Running to be friends of presidents
and presidents

It may have been too much
Life turned upside down
Loading bullets into the thin chambers of well trained soldiers
Walking memoryless now into the night
His family and future behind him
Whilst the unravellings curled walls of blood

And then took him to trial
Not quite yet but coming
As to how murder happens
Whilst we wait

It is not unexpected...

Copyright © 2012 - scott from jail
Published: 5/31/12   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem