Death at a Mother's Arm
by Habeeb Ibraheem

                                              Baghdad ,  2001

Uselessly she sat and held
That kid she motherly addressed.
Touching kinder than silk
With warm hands she passed
"Mother our fruits and orchard"
In vain she looked and closed
His eyes on a bloodless face.
The spirit  ascended so high
To leave the body cold;
A mere carcass of a pale face.
Untold bitterness was eminent to flow
As tears or screams to -------------- blow
To rest the choked soul
The wounded heart to heal.

Oh! May God rest yours so close
To angels that dearly receive yours.
Heaven I hope to be my share
Good deeds and goodness if I bear.
"Son of my unseen -------------- hopes
You so dearly bid me farewell
Death snatched you fully potent.
You laid restfully aghast.
Farewell... Dear... Farewell."

Copyright © 2012 - Habeeb Ibraheem
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