Rich Fat Cats
by scott from jail

Heaviness and the dark rung eyes
Bagged, fifty, sad, cornered-
Looking for contributions from rich fat cats
yet wanting to tax them for services
rendered never to them
but their employees,
their wanna-be employees,
lined up for the next tidbit from China
While we buy ourselves a new shot at president
Forgetting that it was them the rich fat cats
Who bought us Iraq...

And they even lie about the unemployment rate
An honest 20 percent
shaved to a dishonest 9.8
so as not alarm us into revolution
Swallowing the lie
Like so much else,

Our government
a caretaker of poorer people by the minute
Sold out to whom?

Copyright © 2012 - scott from jail
Published: 1/26/12   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem