something blue
by scott from jail

all was not well
Venus marred by Saturn
making for a fate determined to

Be sad
and bringing with it
hatred of love which might jar

That fate.
and so love,
treated out as a clean house,
loved children
space and time
for caring

Blew away with cut, short hair
a simple promise of hatred to death
that love, affection, respect, enduring faithfulness
The very reason for

Clouds of dusty years
swelling in the rear-view mirror of time
settling eventually
And in the distance
All seems smaller, escaped,

Not there
after all

Like little stars
fates paid for

Paid out...
small conjunctions
smaller than planets
smaller than anything.

A Venus. Saturn.
a war in iraq.

A war.
a war of whys.
a fate
blue in the distance
Like a car
Roving over the horizon
blues above
but not blue.

But not blue.

But not blue.

Fates paid for
like the bullets of iraq
like the coming revolutions
like a lot of things

Copyright © 2011 - scott from jail
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