by scott from jail

The loved, the blessed, the ideal, the Swedish,
The blond, the kind, the forward-looking, the basically Christian,
Bright blues and yellow
Proclaiming effortlessly, modernity, style, efficiency, LOVE
Easily priced food, accessories, gleams of snazzy hope -
Burned to the ground in Israel just recently
But it was -

Black, charred stakes writhing from the ground
Bent serpents gaping at the air
Ash left to blow like crystalized smoke
Wrenching height
While newly unemployed looked on
Wondering "Why?"
But it was -

Investigators with gravely wrinkled brows
Proclaiming the sacred seriousness of investigations
Clamboring for why would
Do this? So it must be
But it was -

"Not arson," they said.

"But it was not arson."

I learned from the best arson investigator
In the Show-Me State
Just as he retired:
"When there is so much burn that there is
No pattern of burn-

It is always arson."

Israel and IKEA.
Israel, IKEA.

Burn patterns.


Arson written in ash.
Arson to IKEA.


Copyright © 2011 - scott from jail
Published: 6/23/11   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem