Begin! Begin!
by scott from jail

Instead of astrology
Marking out the stars, today January 19, 2011
Tomorrow January 20, 2011

We should mark out ourselves
Here a planet in a hat, there a star dusting off the shelves,
Each one solar-radiating love between us all

Here a child-son-sun, there a child-daughter-moon,
Here a Jupiter of thin spectacles staring down, a Mars of broom closets
An office-manager as Venus, a Pluto-Hades of midnight streets

Laid out until the cows
Swirling over the moon
Come Home

Each one saying in starlight flumes
Pulsating before the throne of starry God
Begin! Begin!


As in Jehovah! God!
All of us angels of the dustbin, each crying in light to get and give LIGHT!
Singing amongst the water-coolers

The typewriters, printers, pulsating cables, wires
Of our would-be dreary lives
Tangled but as hissing snakes alive

Wrapping us in a world we have not made
But which waits for us to die
To stumble, fall, make a mistake and not

Get Up!

Let us be angels before the throne of a loving, starry God,
No more as Sunday School teachers
Of sad but poignant stories, crucifixions, redemptions
Easily discounted as fairy tales
For the mad...

Oh, Let Us Be
And Begin! Begin!

Planet Earth of a thousand life-long dreams
Each soared to he Heavens!
Because we could not Help It!

Why Are We In Iraq?
Not to kill
But rather to

Begin! Begin! Begin!

Copyright © 2011 - scott from jail
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