For John Hagee, Minister of God
by scott from jail

I see your fat hulking diabetic weight
Holding forth for Israel
And no word of Jesus Christ,
Salvation, peace, kindness
And even the church itself of
Cross-embarrassed Jews
De-nuded of said cross
Surrounded by a tacky, K-Mart stadium
Of christian death-mongers
Jesus-proclaimed in blood,
Iraq, death-to-Iran, nuclear war

I see you on t.v.
Upon a carpet pedestal to all-israeli life
A Jesus-hating raw elite of liars
Pandering to you
Like some trenchant petulant arrogant child
In AIPAC-basking talk
Roaring out from your pulpit
For a people who
Want "your" money, votes and not charming
Of god...

I see you on t.v.
And wonder

Is this a church?
A channel?
A sworn-to lie?
An idiot?
Where is Jesus to stop this?
Would He?
Why does He not?
Is this what He wants for Glory?

You go on and on,
First from Texas, then Israel, then Washington D.C.
Perhaps in all your Glory
You are right
And Tehran should be bloodied
For its arrogance towards, against
Almighty nuclear-armed

An Israel where your never-thought-of
Missionary work
Is against the law...

This poem is for you
Not because I know why,
An apology.
An Amen.
In Jesus name.

An Amen
I do not

Copyright © 2011 - scott from jail
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