Waiting the rain
by Aisha Razem

Waiting the rain all last night long
Greeting the pigeons up the sky
Marching with the white cotton fog
flying alone but escorted by a smog
which dandled my heart on her knees
and painted the space for me to jog
I ran drawing a circle with my bunny dog
Sat a little and wrote my happiness through the log
Sent my laughter high but the frog
Peeped her sad song out and signed in my blog
Rang the bells of my rest
Goggled my pulse
Inside my chest
I felt
Or maybe I bent
On the laptop to send a hint
Of my prayers
I don?t see a message said sent
Maybe someone hacked in a feint
Or stopped what I meant
May be sent
Maybe not sent
I felt
Harmful pain through my vest
But tried to melt
My hopeful smiles towards sky
Standing high
Up above my nations guilt
I know no freedom actually left
I know democracy is in Uncle Sam's Swift
I know how big is our leaders theft
Dancing over our shoulders wounds
Sticking all our names in one torturing belt
By their regime heritage
Sucking our veins
Hard work, shift after shift
Wandering on our bodies
Marching their legs on from rift to rift
I know it will not rain
My tears only will purify
My wide long long vein
and pain
. I might not smell it again

Maybe the rain will never fall
I waited all
The day long and tall
I prepared my heart's hall
Furnished my chest and swept the big drawl
And the small
Flourished white flowers
Fragranced the streets
Sprayed the dry trees up the pavements
For people's visions and eyes
Picked up the harmful stones
from the rain's way to step on
And lay on clean ground of lies
Talked to the kids playing football:
Keep on shooting your ball
In the eyes of the Goal
And maybe the rain for you
Would fall
And maybe the rain for you
Would fall!!!

Copyright © 2011 - Aisha Razem
Published: 3/31/11   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem