Gone Again This Year
by k.a.morrow

Upon the sands of foreign lands,
A new dawn has appeared

Amidst a haze of gawk and praise,
The holidays draw near

Gone again this year,
Another Christmas comes to pass

Gone again this year,
How much longer will this war last?

Out of abroad for Nation's sake,
The mission grinds its gears

While far from home they count the days,
For service volunteered

Gone again this year,
Still joyful spirits fill the air

Gone again this year,
Not one "Dear John" that I'm aware

So season's greetings from afar,
Warm thoughts of loved ones dear,
As the lingering thought remains,
Of being gone again this year

-k.a.morrow, dec.1 2010

Copyright © 2011 - k.a.morrow
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