Egypt With 600 Dead
by scott from jail

In Haaretz I clock the doubt,
Beleagueredness of the Israeli Left
Stealing with Good Intentions
That which is not theirs
Nodding their heads in protest,
Starry-eyed anger
Like the fretting actors in a play
Of sound, fury, lights out,
A cab ride home -

In the Jerusalem Post I read
The missives of Caroline Glick
Proud fascist
And cute spokesman
Lining facts, opinions
Well-argued, not hateful
Deliberately missing the point:
Cruelty is the point.
Revulsion is the point.

In neither do I find much about
The 600 dead in Egypt
Sure to bloom to more
As blood always does

Roses in the street,
Small dainties to the Left, the Right,
The Way Things Are,
A scream, call, a fall hard

Today Mubarek, Yesterday Tunisia,
Perhaps tomorrow a Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia,
Lebanon, Palestinian Authority, Jordan -
Israel will miss Mubarek and his 600 dead.

Miss them terribly.

Copyright © 2010 - scott from jail
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