Two Sonnets
by scott from jail

These days exude a darkness labelled "light",
A flurried haste of pessimistic lies
Where all seems well, thin-lipped and non-contrite
While Wal-Mart ammunition gaily flies-

She was a Jew, politely shaking hands,
Up came the madmen now we all deplore
Off went the rounds in sounds silence demands
Down went the brain, up came the timid roar -

The verbage fast, frenetic, furious fell -
The anchormen and women all came armed
To cloak the parking lot with glowering hell
While waiting for the segment where we charm -

Is he a monster? Still, for all these guys ...
I hear Iraq is filling up with flies.

* * * * *

I loved a silken scarf upon the wind
And with each airy paw new weight was found
To melt its quills of space into the thinned
And lifeless merit of a hissing sound
Of something cold, hysteric and unreal
As if the ghosts of haunting came at night
Beside a sea of ever-shifting teal,
Of silver, gold and softly simmering light
To breathe an end, where something like a day
Brought gawked-for truth unravelled like a twine
Uncomplicated as the crumpled clay
From soldiers boots or lover's sipped-for wine -
But that's the end. Enough of unasked lie -
Enough of these and all their clanging why.

Copyright © 2011 - scott from jail
Published: 2/3/11   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem