Queen of Christmas
by scott from jail

Christmas in Great Falls this year, 2010,
Came quietly on the heels
Of divorced-for-five-years
But still
All the more prepared for war, and
All that it implies -
Its sentences, phrases, and bloody like -

Jesus' glory
Was the sound of Amy Grant -
No presents but two trees,
One for me, one for my daughter
Rachel The Kind, The Considerate, The Easily Hurt -

My energy ran low, unexpectedly, at the end.
Gracelessly I bolted from her apartment -
"Merry Christmas!" -
Running away
To sleep, to regret, to think up

Thank yous and apologies to
Rachel, Queen of Christmas.
Rachel, Queen of Working Hard, Of Forgiveness,
Of Easily and Thoughtlessly Wounded,
Of Wonderful Sandwiches and Pastry Thoughts,
Of Red Velvet Birthday Cakes, White Icing and Brewed Coffee,
Of Smiles, Cheer and Love,
Of Christmas Love -

The missiles and nuclear war they imply
Bother me less
Than my own thoughtlessness
Here next to Malmstrom Air Force Base

Mistletoe to missiles,

Trying to heal.
The "Merry Christmas!" of it all
Not found alone in White Sunny Carols,
But in The Hope Of Better Down The Road,
The Avoidance of Herod,
The Star and
The Safe Return Home.

Copyright © 2011 - scott from jail
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