Used to care about the cross of Christ
by scott from jail

By now the grifters
Smiling happily at unemployment lines
Made co-extensive with their hopes
Polishing suits which fit a Democrat OR Republican
Silky, good for brothels, scandals and the like

Are plotting out my future
Like a scene from some old novel
Where the newspaper boy hustles his way to vast success
Never noticing that the road to good intentions
Paved all the way with self-made armageddons
Lies in the ignored wake

Of gospels equally ignored
And each appointed and self-mounted crucifix
Stands mute and black and stark before
The eastern dawn of each self-denominated
Jerusalem, ideologies, philosophies -

We have gone on in our own self-created Facebook way
That now all we have left to ourselves is communal death
In blogs - Did we used to sing in the streets?
No, not probably.
No.  No.  No.

Copyright © 2010 - scott from jail
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