Time to go
by scott from jail

I haven't had the time to think of how my daughter
Wanted to enlist, way back when, asking
For my advice, listening, and then, quietly
Going her own way, grace our country's recruitment

I had pointed out my opinion by showing her
The carnaged wreck of one I knew to come back silent, mumbling, crazy
Salivating publicly in front of Target's parking lot
See there, That could be you

She enlisted...
Changed her mind, to my relief
And came back to us before ever leaving
Each time I see the sidewalk spot of "almost"

I cry
My soul...

So Life's been busy.
I never see the man there anymore
He was there just once
And then it was time to go.

Copyright © 2010 - scott from jail
Published: 10/21/10   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem