I want to sail, to someday draw a close
by scott from jail

I want to sail, to someday draw a close
To all the hills I can not overcome
Inspect Jerusalem, Gaza, Tiberias, Hebron,
To feel Abraham and Jesus walk nearby
Whilst I, their least least least
Bring out the question and request it all -
For this pile of oily sand, inclement time, unstained decency
Are we to die,
Stagnantly drawn twixt nothing and a dull relief,
Plastered on a thousand million Persian deaths?
For this are we to die and kill
Pushbutton rewards more noxious
Than the cancers and crazy two-headed babies
Of Hiroshima?
Bathe our hands in murder and reeking
Death, Slaughter, Vengeance over nothing
Carve out the word "israel"?
For this did I sail
And vote
And kill?

Copyright © 2010 - scott from jail
Published: 9/16/10   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem