How's about YOU?
by scott from jail

Springtime in Iraq
Probably has no starters
In Central Illinois where I was born
Amidst the cornstalks, black, rich soil, blue, hard sky
So impervious to serious change,
So majestic, calm, benign and fearless -
I used to know the people there,
Probably different than the fanatic Muslim hoardes
They tell us about
On fox news, o'reilly really had us going!, and GW-Cheney-Wolfowitz-Feith-
You know the axis-evil crew! Who promised us destruction
And a trillion dollar deficit
And a rebuilt world safe for democracy and our IDEALS
Like mosquitos
In the desert buzzing out springtime in Iraq
Over dead corpses
Brought out like rotting flowers
Heads sawn in two with Sears Craftsmen circular hand saws
Which in Illinois are used to build two-by-fours into homes
Standing in the Sangamon Valley, my home, long ago

But that's all about me.
How's about you?

Copyright © 2010 - scott from jail
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