Remains of a World Gone Mad
by Melissa Rachel

Why must men wage war
against the world
when the end result is death
and enemies are created?
Why must children
pay with their future
because we spilled the blood of innocence
and changed the world for ourselves?
Why must tears be spilled
and hearts torn apart
because our loved ones
must play toy soldiers
upon our battlefield?
How long will rivers run red
and the pages of history bleed
into the future
while the unborn dreams of finding peace
become oblivious in the eye of war?
How long do we have
when the clock counts down
to our last second,
to that final blast
that will annihilate our race,
our world and our lives
because we must fight
and make the world in our image?

Copyright © 2010 - Melissa Rachel
Published: 5/20/10   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem