by Ian Cameron

If toe rag Blair choked to death today
on his lies, crimes, bullshit 'n vomit
skies world wide in Universal Relief
would thunder "WHAT A TONIC!"
brother to brother flowers would "BUZZ"
(one unto the other)
all trees would dance 'n' given the chance
umbrellas would cartwheel 'n' sing
birds and plants would waltz Old Aunts
Gran'Pa's would "Highland Fling"
Lizards would lie on their lovely backs
'n' wiggle their tails in the sun
Trillions of Ants would do the "Conga"
(this one would run 'n' run!)
Tomatoes would blush, blood would rush
'n' flush their rosy red cheeks
Emu's would fly upside-down-backwards
Eureka what a feat!
'n' all this is only for starters
believe me I'm tellin' you
if only Bush 'n' Berlusconi would croak
the College of Cardinals 'n' even The Pope
would break-dance in the nude!
So come on Godo are you listening
shake the shit out of Bush, Berlusconi 'n' Blair
we need to get shot of these murdering bastards
show us you REALLY care!

Editor's Note: The illustrated version of this poem can be found here: Sicily Ablaze

Copyright © 2005 - Ian Cameron
Published: 2/25/10   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem