Little Book of War
by Richard Swanson

Check this out,
this pocket gem,
maps and facts

generals and quotes
places and weapons, right
in your purse or gym bag.

Take it with you, Starbucks,
order a steamy coffee
a blueberry scone,

look up napalm
cluster bombs
over your latte,

text your best friends
from high school, college:
Hey, hon', did you know--

Gettysburg, 55,000
same as 'Nam
but just one weekend?

BTW didn't our classmate,
What-his-name, Charlie . . . ?
Yeah . . . Iraq.

Awesome, everything
there, just a page away
at your fingertips.

Copyright © 2010 - Richard Swanson
Published: 2/11/10   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem