The Perfumes of Arabia
by Brad Horton

with the flick of a switch
or the bolt racking on a gun
in a penitentary
or under the desert sun
their bidding is done

they won't look you in the eye
for they don't want to hear the truth
about how a man can die
for what he didn't do
their bidding is done

they would never send their own
and they could never activate
the bullet that would fire
the job is for the state
their bidding is done

they'll just watch it on the news
down at the corner bar
and when you're back from war
they'll sell you a brand new car
for the money that you made
under a desert sun
or in a penitentary
making sure the biddings done
they've washed their hands
and all the perfumes of Arabia
cannot cleanse mine

Copyright © 2009 - Brad Horton
Published: 5/28/09   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem