The Father of Lies
by Joseph J. Locascio

I'm the proud Father of Lies, sole winner of war.
Don't say you weren't warned (John 8:44).

Since my trick's almost done, that I've played on you,
just to gloat, I will stoop to say something that's true:

I beget all the lies that infest everything,
orations you spout and anthems you sing.

I sire the lies that anchor your hates,
that justify murder, that fund candidates,
the lies that taint and twist everything,
from the serpent's first lure to the Gulf of Tonkin.

I conceive of the lies that support every war,
that glut all the rich, that send in the poor.

To first exhaust peaceful solutions is trite,
and won't satisfy a real man's appetite.
So I sell you the lie that war's the best choice.
Cheers, hymns, and lies drown any dissenting voice.

Root causes of violence you needn't address -
a scapegoat means votes from your base populace.
Unjustified warfare is nobody's right,
but lies aren't much challenged when backed up with might.

Throngs on all sides were needlessly killed.
I don't think you care. It's not your blood that spilled.
It's a lie terror killed them fighting to be free.
It has more to do with greed and your gas-guzzling SUV.

Exploiting the fear and anger of all
and patriots' trust - opportunity called.
It's a lie the "enemy" are your enemy;
it's those who send you to kill and die unnecessarily.

(A fine war's so sating to my acquired taste.
Ah, the hate sown, the youth dead, the vast fiscal waste!
To keep them all killing brings me delight.
The trick lies in proving to all sides that they're right.
The goad that's applied should any hold back
is "Coward!" and "Traitor!", and no one wants that).

Focus on whether you'll "win", how the war's being run.
Never weigh the morality of what you've done.
Morality's just for Sunday school class,
till your sins they pay back when they slay you en masse.

The tamed press, the fooled, the complicit, the dead -
few show much outrage at lies they've been fed.

Oh, did you know I put lies in your history text?
some assumed in the premise of your thin pretext,
and I schooled you to base evil wrongs you commit
on scriptures that teach the exact opposite:
Jehovah - injustice, Jefferson - force, Jesus - mass murder of the innocent.
(Lies, greed, war, did Jesus deplore,
though you'd never guess by what "Christians" are for).
I lied when I whispered God wants you to kill,
like I've duped others to think mine is Great Allah's will.

Those are lies that you tell when truths you omit,
so are shams, scams, spins, and slanted bullshit,
and selectively chosen, misspoken half-truths
that can make your poll standings go right through the roof.
Now lying's a science, politically shrewd.
When you say that's not lying, that's a lie too.

Lies in all strata! In leaders first found -
they set an example that then trickles down.

Mine were the lies you were paid well to tell
(you figure that they'll accept Visa in Hell?),
and the lie that your breed, that your creed, is the best,
that you tell the truth, unlike the rest.

Even reason you spurn, when deductions conflict
with poetics whose reading you'd rather be strict.

And I howl at the lies you tell in your prose,
your sermons, your ads, and all those talk shows,
the lies you all tell, from time to time,
lies poets type in if that's all that'll rhyme.

No respect for the truth, no courage to face
the facts that might topple your weak edifice.

To rabbis and priests, your lies you confess,
but they all lie too - it's human weakness.
Just God alone, I can't tempt to lie,
but He's so damn silent. Maybe that's why.

Yes, you all have your bias. All stray from truth some.
Admitting that may be the closest you come.

So nobody knows what's the truth anymore,
no scholar, no cleric, no pedantic bore.

Your compass still points to true North, you assert,
but scientists claim even that could invert.

These lies, they will kill all of you in the end.
It's sad - then I won't hear a lie told again.

But confusion won't cease after everyone dies.
Some tombstones will read: "Here an Honest Man.....Lies."

Copyright © 2007 - Joseph J. Locascio
Published: 3/19/09   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem