Reimaging America
by gnimbley the gnome

Freedom is too real
too difficult to mortgage
a badly made sloppy joe
seeping out many wrong things

panic, disorder, heartache, fear

We need to remachine our future
retool our terminology
rebreak our unfettered desires
rewire our festering multitudes

Can I make myself heard?

Freedom can be suffocated
between toasted, butter buns
of abject obesity and
hysterical fad idolatry

Why is what's tasty not difficult to achieve?

We boot camp freedom
buff her up until she shines
a sparkling parking garage of
late model habeus corpses

Do we think we are alone in this?

We do not put democracy on trial
redefine instead her back to school
white blouses and pleated khaki skirts
blowing hither in the liege winds

There is always a lord among us

Salutary justice left standing exposed
cross dressing idealism shamed
synchronized lying renders scruples
to the superficial screech in the air

Why are we not better than ourselves?

Pretty girls undress in the park
wrap the warmth of vigilance about their thighs
for the bang of eroticism substitute
indie pop from the year 325

No one reads this anyway

Copyright © 2008 - gnimbley the gnome
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