The Blind Mice and the Big Cheese
by Daniel Damiano

The blind mice, ideally,
desire to live life, simply,
and care for their loved ones at home.
Though complications arise,
there are lows and there are highs,
there are things that they will probably never know

For one day, a Rat came,
destroyed so much, and with no shame,
and fled to a nice cozy spot.
The Big Cheese soon deployed
the blind mice into a void,
somewhere else,
where the Rat was not.

The blind mice still continued,
as they bombed and miscued,
while the Big Cheese sat contented on his throne.
With innocent mice dying
And their parents back home crying,
the Big Cheese claimed victory alone.

Some blind mice have since come back
in boxes brown and shellacked
with little flags atop, clean and bright,
while others still remain,
both fearful and in pain
in a desert
far from the Rat's sight

Still, the Big Cheese sits and smiles,
blissfully oblivious all the while
of the havoc he has reeked from here and afar,
while so many mice proceed
To do their patriotic deed;

Innocent victims of a senseless war

Copyright © 2008 - Daniel Damiano
Published: 7/31/08   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem