We Commit Him To Thy Care
by Robert L. Hinshaw

Lord, we are gathered nigh this sacred, lonely grave,
To commit to You the soul of this Soldier true and brave.
We pray that You will clasp this hero to Your breast,
As he joins his comrades in well-deserved eternal rest.

He proudly wore the uniform and felt it his solemn obligation,
To defend the freedoms we enjoy in this wonderful nation.
Only he knew the din and horror of battle so very well;
He sacrificed that we might yet hear the ring of freedom's bell.

Tho' his time on earth was, alas, much too brief,
We were truly blessed - may that bring solace in our grief.
Father, we pray that as he begins his eternal bourne,
That You would comfort we who are left behind to mourn.

May we never forget his hallowed name etched upon this stone;
Your faithful servant who died for mankind's follies to atone.
We know that when Gabriel sounds his 'wakening bugle call,
That this gallant man will stand in ranks proud and tall.

As we present our nation's flag that he honored to his kin,
And await the well-earned twenty-one gun salute to begin,
And hear the bugler's rendering of "Taps" echoing thro' the air,
We commit this Peacemaker, this Soldier to Thy tender care.

Copyright © 2008 - Robert L. Hinshaw
Published: 7/17/08   ·  Author's Page   ·  Next Poem