Simple Marble Stones
by Robert L. Hinshaw

Magnificent monuments have been erected for those of fame,
And o'er the graves of others flickers an eternal flame.
But America's greatest rest 'neath a simple marble stone;
They laid down their lives for mankind's follies to atone.

The towering Washington Monument is very inspiring and grand;
Built to honor a founding father and first president of the land.
But standing as majestically across this wonderful nation,
Are simple marble stones of those who served with dedication.

The memorial for Thomas Jefferson is very impressive indeed;
'Tis well deserved since he helped to create this nation's creed.
But simple marble stones will bear sacred names for eternity,
Of those brave souls who gave their all defending liberty.

The Lincoln Memorial honors a man who with steadfast resolve,
Sought brotherhood that a reunited nation might evolve.
For this noble cause, gallant patriots sacrificed their all;
They lie 'neath simple marble stones awaiting Gabriel's call.

Neither on memorials nor in history books will their names appear;
They merely answered the call to defend all they held so dear.
They placed the nation's destiny above their very own;
Those brave men and women who lie 'neath a simple marble stone.

Copyright © 2007 - Robert L. Hinshaw
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